ELZON Drops Debut EP “C U SOON”

Meikhel Philogene
2 min readFeb 17, 2024

London-based singer-songwriter and producer ELZON makes his 2024 debut with his 2024 debut EP, “C U SOON.” The six-track EP features two fan favorites, “Is He Home” and “Selfish.” “C U SOON” is laced with songs that have sounds from modern and classic R&B/Soul, and Hip-Hop/Rap. The crooner showcases his vocal range and songwriting prowess.

“C U SOON” explores topics of love, lust, affairs, trust, and commitment. The EP kicks off with “In Your Feelings.” It serves as a short intro record and features ELZON’s high-pitched vocals, then the record slows down and flips into a chopped and screwed sound. Track two, “Is He Home,” is a guitar-laced jam that has a 2000s R&B/Soul feel to it reminiscent of a Justin Timberlake record. “Amuse” is next up. The record has a Timbaland-like production. ELZON departs from the high-pitched, falsetto sound a bit and adds a melodic, Hip-Hop, Pop Rap flow to the track. Track four, “Make U Rain,” is a sultry slow jam. The penultimate track, “Selfish,” keeps with the slow jam theme. ELZON enlisted CASSO! for “Selfish.” The finale, “Who Am I,” is the perfect closer as the record functions as a short outro song. Akin to the intro, “In Your Feelings,” “Who Am I” starts off with ELZON’s high-pitched vocals and switches up to a chopped and screwed sound. The song cleverly ends with a disconnected phone sound effect; thus, signaling the end.

The UK product put together an impressive body of work. “C U SOON” is a star-studded affair with production from the likes of Grammy-nominated producer Ammar Junedi and Nic Dreams. The rising star is only getting started. “C U SOON” is just the beginning, so stay tuned as fans will surely see ELZON again soon.

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