Liv Hanna Unloads New Anthem “lonely”

Meikhel Philogene
2 min readNov 26, 2023
Lizzie Kristal

Liv Hanna kicked off the summer with the fiery track, “Back To Hell.” The songstress now returns to close out the fall with her new single, “lonely.” Similarly to “Back To Hell,” Liv Hanna puts her unique, distinctive twist on the Pop genre. “lonely” may best be viewed as an Alt-Pop/Dark Pop record, but the song is more eclectic in nature as it features synths, the ebb and flow of up-tempo and downtempo sounds, and has elements drawn from Electropop, Pop Rock, etc.

The subject matter of “lonely” may be gleaned from the title, but the song is actually deeper than the title suggests. The song is about the seemingly perfect life that is more so imperfect. “‘lonely’ takes you behind the scenes of someone’s life that people think is perfect.” Liv Hanna continues, “It highlights the club scene and life of a socialite who’s always out on the town, but actually feels immense loneliness.” “lonely” illustrates how many put up a facade, or use a party or an ostentatious lifestyle to hide their pain, fear, angst, etc.

The song cleverly uses the contrasting sounds to perfectly depict the story that Liv…