LUEGO Wows with “FOUR MINUTE MILE” Music Video

Meikhel Philogene
2 min readJan 4, 2024

Rising star LUEGO releases synth-laden record, “FOUR MINUTE MILE.” The song shares a title with the titular EP, “FOUR MINUTE MILE.” The single is a vulnerable song that has a soothing tone. The instrumentation of the song grips the listener and has a breakdown that functions as a crescendo.

Although “FOUR MINTUE MILE” is a beautiful record, it is a somber track. The single was bred from a tumultuous time in LUEGO’s life. “This is a divorce record.” LUEGO continues: “I went through a pandemic meet, engagement, marriage, and divorce. A lot of heartache in the storyline and melodies. I am an alchemist. I turn pain into beauty. I turn trauma into something beautiful.”

The music video, directed by Morty Zapata, furthers the deep theme and the beauty of “FOUR MINUTE MILE” — basically, portraying the phrase, “beauty in the struggle.” The visual is set against a blue backdrop and features dancers surrounding the emotive LUEGO while he strums his guitar. The choreography for the dancers of the Moonlight Dance Entertainment Co. was the product of Molly Cortez.

“FOUR MINUTE MILE” is a single that borrows elements from different genres and resonates with all that listen. Press play and be swept away for three minutes and twelve seconds of “FOUR MINUTE MILE.”

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